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Renewing Ourselves and Our Visions in the Month of Elul

Tools to use the month of Elul as a time for self-reflection [more]

Days of Awe, A Poem by Alicia Ostriker

"do our prayers travel upward /  do they defy gravity" [more]

A Jewish Guide to Helping Your Friend in Mourning

Watch the video to learn more about specific Jewish mourning practices and how to be there for your friends and family [more]
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From the people who brought you the Bat Mitzvah...

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Jewels of Elul 2015

By Rabbi David Wolpe

"Elul calls us to be deep sea divers into our souls." Jewels of Elul is a project created by Craig Taubman that offers 29 inspirational insights for the month of Elul. The following blog post by Rabbi David Wolpe, first published at the Jewels of Elul website, introduces the Jewels of 2015 on their 10-year anniversary. Mazel Tov!