• Taking on New Responsibilities, by CLAL

    As I begin anew, let me rediscover the relationship between what I do and my deep purpose. 

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  • Tu B'shevat Companion: A Handbook for the New Year of the Tree

    Tu B'shevat falls on February 10–11th. Learn more about this holiday that encourages a connection to nature.

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  • Your Body is a Tree of Light: A Meditation for Tu B'Shevat, by Ariel Neshama Lee

    "The human being is like the tree of the field"

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  • Standing Up for Standing Rock, by David Eber

    Feel inspired by the fierce leadership of the water protectors who stood like pillars of stone as they faced the water cannons and tear gas.

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The thief does not need a key. The thief does not show up on cameras because it is already inside of her. 

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Through the Arch

By Elliott batTzedek
"...you need to feel / how the ground may give way beneath the burden of you."   more

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