• Sukkat Shalom: October 4th, Harvesting Prayer & Action to Heal Our Wounded Mother Earth, by Arthur Waskow

    Every once in a long while, different streams of time flow together in a way that seems uncanny—even miraculous...

  • Sukkah Blessings, by Rabbi Rachel Barenblat

    May this sukkah be a place of joyful welcoming, reminding us that even in a flimsy structure with leaky roof we can still share what we have with others...

  • Sukkah Guests: An Ushpizot Guide

    One Sukkot custom that became popular in the Middle Ages was to invite "invisible" guests to the sukkah along with "visible" ones...

  • The Tradition of the Empty Chair

    An empty chair in the sukkah stands as a stark symbol of those women within our own community who cannot be with us except in spirit.


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